Lifelong Helena resident, Studio Owner/photographer Robert Clarkson, has been interested in photography since he was a child.

He was a Student Activities Yearbook Photographer during both his High School and College years.

He completed courses in art and photography at Carroll College and exhibited in the annual student art exhibits and also a one-man exhibit at the school. During this time Clarkson completed producing product images for his first National Advertising Campaign, a major liquor distillery's product.

He has been active in the 'international photographer's elite' The American Society of Magazine Photograhers (New York City Manhattan).

He received many awards and certificates in recognition of his photographic skills and has seen his photos frequently appearing in many national and international magazines.

For a number of years Clarkson was the Official Show Photographer for the Society of American Magicians International Magic Entertainment Conventions held at theaters in major U.S. cities. He produced photographs for Helena's Community Theater's promotional purposes and historical record during it's first year in operation. Also he has photographed many other events, entertainment productions, political events, and beauty pageants in the community.

His biography was published in several of the prestigious Marquis "Who's Who in America" and "Who's Who in the World" books.

During the 1980's he had been one of the media photographers selected to be a digital technology evaluator for the Kodak Corporation.

About 2002-3 Clarkson Studio converted from chemical film processing exclusively to digital imaging and digital enhanced portraiture.

He frequently is invited to lecture on ethics, composition, lighting and PhotoShop Technique classes in local Public Schools.